Gulshan Club


Gulshan Club’s sports programme was one of the first programmes introduced at the Club. The programme was designed with the intention of strengthening the bond and fellowship of its Members through fitness and friendly competition. The construction of the tennis and squash courts were one of the first endeavours by the founding Members, and the programme has experienced a steady growth ever since. The sports programme, throughout the years, have introduced a number of indoor and outdoor facilities which include tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis, pool, billiards and snooker.

The Club’s sports programme has also been organising a number of annual sporting events since the early eighties. Some noteworthy mentions include the National 10 Ball Tournament, DBL Billiards Cup, FSIBL Diplomat Cup Tennis Tournament, to name a few. The programme also organises occasional inter-club table tennis tournaments, chess tournaments, cricket and golf matches.

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