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Friendly Cricket Match Between GCL & DCL

GCL Secures Thrilling Victory Over DCL in Cricket Clash.

In an intense cricket battle at “Lake Pori” Cricket Ground, Gulshan Club emerged triumphant against Dhaka Club on Friday, 12th January 2024. Adding to the excitement, Gulshan Club President Mr. Anowar Rashid was also present in the field to encourage the players.

DCL set a challenging target of 167 runs, losing only 1 wicket. However, GCL showcased resilience, achieving victory with 171 runs and 4 wickets down, sealing the win with a ball to spare. The standout performance of the match came from GCL Captain Azimul Islam, who not only led the team admirably but also contributed significantly with 59 runs and a crucial wicket in 3 overs. Shahdab Hossain Guddu’s notable batting prowess added to the triumph, scoring an impressive 66 runs.

The Man of the Match title rightfully bestowed upon Azimul Islam highlights his impactful role in steering Gulshan Club to victory. His exemplary leadership and outstanding individual performance set the tone for a memorable cricketing clash.

In a commendable gesture of sportsmanship, Gulshan Club extends sincere appreciation to Dhaka Club for their spirited performance on the field. As a token of recognition, a Friendly Cricket Crest is offered to Dhaka Club, symbolizing the camaraderie and competitive spirit shared on the cricket pitch.

This enthralling encounter not only showcased the cricketing prowess of both teams but also exemplified the true spirit of sportsmanship. Gulshan Club looks forward to more thrilling encounters and friendly competitions in the future.


Lt Col Md. Ferdous Khan (Retd)


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